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Rose Creek Suds

Tall, Dark, & Roasted

Tall, Dark, & Roasted

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Activated charcoal soap full of espresso grounds for a good scrub.

Smells like: freshly roasted dark coffee beans, smooth vanilla, a touch of cracked hazelnut*, and a chocolatey drizzle to tie it all together.


*No hazelnut or essential oils in this soap.*


Now get to scrubbin’! Helpful for garden dirt, shop grease, or just good ole exfoliation. Pumice in commercial soap destroys skin and doesn’t help with odors. However, activated charcoal and coffee grounds are known to assist in deodorizing and deep cleaning without any sharp edges.


See Ingredients page for main ingredients. Additionally contains:

—CO2 extracted Coffee Oil (Coffee Arabica) for skin care

—Espresso Grounds for scrubbing

—Activated Charcoal (coconut origin) for a thorough clean

—Grapefruit Essential Oil for a thorough degreasing clean


4.5 oz bar of activated charcoal soap.

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