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Zucchini Bread Soap

Zucchini Bread Soap

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Grandma’s zucchini bread baked with love, topped with a lemon glaze, and magically poofed into soap!  With the perfect amount of cinnamon and spice this soap smells like the real deal.

Made with the magical ingredient of eggnog, this soap has a more nourishing-feeling creamy lather. The nettle leaf powder not only gives this soap its green specks, but provides a very gentle exfoliative quality. 


Nettle leaf powder is very beneficial for skin and does not sting once dried, crushed, or cooked.


***This fragrance blend contains less than 0.1% Cinnamon Leaf essential oil.***

See Ingredients page for main ingredients. Additionally contains Milk, Egg, Sugar, Vanilla, Nettle Leaf Powder. No mica colorant in this soap - coloring is natural from ingredients used.

4.5 oz bar of body soap.

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